Monday, September 5, 2011

Jerusalem in the window

Do you remember this beautiful representation of the City of Jerusalem in the centre of a ship's steering wheel?

In 2009, it adorned the front window of Romania Country Bread.

The bright splashes of colour and bold black strokes reminded me of a child's colouring book. I was so smitten that I had to take a closer look and take a couple of photos.

Years later, and long after the wheel had been taken down, I decided to recreate this image. It was then that I decided to see whether those tall towers, stately buildings, and endless walls really existed in Jerusalem.

After Googling various sites, I was delighted to recognize a few landmarks: The Dome of the Rock, the Tower of David, the quaint neighbourhood alleys and pathways - surrounded by the stonewall of Jerusalem's Old City. Of course, never having traveled to Israel, I was only guessing and if I have made a mistake, please correct me.

Jerusalem is probably on just about everyone's list of must-see places. I myself dream of packing my bags and catching the next plane out to this ancient city. Until then, I'll just take a peek at my picture now and then and imagine it coming to life once I set foot on this world heritage site.