Sunday, November 23, 2014

A cool new addition to Storybrooke

The 2014 fall season ushered in new characters that made their way into the heart of Maine with mysterious intensions.

Suddenly images of icy spikes thrusting through the earth's crust and frozen trails meandering through the streets pop up in scene after scene. Talk about global cooling - right in the heart of our little fishing village.

The familiar pet shelter has undergone a change to accommodate the theme of this year's  opening episodes. It is now painted blue with a charming striped awning and a delectable looking sundae hanging over the front door.

Any Given Sundae presents a stark contrast to the rest of the storefront facades and draws pedestrian's immediate attention regardless of whether they are devotees of the series or not.

I, myself, wish that it was a real store, selling real ice cream - whether laced with magic or nor - just because we all need more jolts of pleasure and sprinkling of sweetness in our days.