Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Looking back on Christmas 2012

Long after...

The nutcracker rode his rocking horse out of the Candy Dish window.

The twin soldiers vacated their posts outside a monkey tree.

And Santa's reindeer abandoned their snowballs at Sara's Ice Cream for the long trek home to the North Pole.

What will you remember most about Christmas 2012?

In those delicious days between festivities, I had the ultimate luxury of exploring Steveston village at a leisurely pace. My most vivid memories centered around, what else, food...

Like moist almond crescents from Steveston Bakery, so fresh that steam escaped as I pulled the flaky ends apart.

Like scrambled eggs and crunchy toasts pressed against a nest of chunky crisp-tender hash brown potatoes at Pat's Galley.

Like pure chocolates from Sinfully The Best, designed with great artistry and concocted to please a whole range of palates - think squares with mini shot ampules for those craving a more wicked experience.

These were just some of my favourite things from the recent Christmas past. Tell me about yours.