Friday, August 30, 2013

My latest storefront transformations from Steveston to Storybrooke

Visions of Storybrooke are softly descending on Steveston.

A few weeks ago, I drove along Moncton Street and caught a glimpse of Granny's Diner – with strings of light bulbs draped around its perimeter. Splash Toy Shop has transformed its facade into Neighbor's drugstore, with rows of bottles, boxes, and hardware jostling for position in the windows. And, as usual, the traffic crew in their high viz vests, gently directing throngs of locals and tourists to keep the noise level down and resume their activities when there's a break in filming.

Ah, I felt lucky to be living where the action is.

Another positive outcome of being a local is the positive response to my Storybrooke art cards, some of which are available from the Richmond Museum/Tourism office, located in the heart of our community.

I feel privileged that the staff had accorded them a place of honour - in the window facing Moncton Street. Apparently they have awakened enough interest to generate sales. The most popular designs — so far — appear to be Mr. Gold and the Storybrooke Free Public Library.

Then it occurred to me that, even though I had created newer designs since my earlier blogs on March 16, 2012 and March 18, 2012, I have not shared them with you.

Let me start by showing you the Storybrooke Free Public Library, which was more fun than complicated to draw. Really…

Then there’s Captain Hook’s pirate ship, bobbing next to the Storybrooke Shipyard (aka Britannia Shipyard) under the watchful eye of the screaming seagulls.

And don’t forget The Rabbit Hole, a favourite watering hole where many heart-stopping scenes have played out.

Finally, the re-invention of our beloved Prickly Pear into the Game of Thorns — though both appear equally breathtaking under the lush blanket of green leaves and riotous floral colours.

That's it for now...

In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing these images, either as art cards or prints, just send me an email. It's easy and simple between neighbours - both in Steveston and Storybrooke.

Thank you for visiting!