Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring arrives (extra) early at Garry Point Park

Back in mid-January, I bemoaned the stillness that hung over Garry Point Park. Instead of greasy balled up napkins, salt and pepper spills, and the occasional smears of ketchup, the picnic tables were covered only with lingering dew drops. The service windows of the concession stand were pulled down as though the building itself had gone into hibernation. Even the crunching sounds under my shoes were hushed, perhaps deferring to the sombre mood of this forgotten corner of the village.

But what a difference three weeks could make!

Saturday, February 6th dawned bright and the temperature climbed to a joyous 10 degrees Centigrade. As though pursuing an invisible pied piper, residents flocked to Garry Point Park - on foot, on wheels, and in buggies.

Pajo's counter was open for business and kids begged, cajoled, and charmed their parents into buying them snacks.

Dogs out on a stroll with their owners approached and sniffed each other, as though trying to get re-acquainted after a long period of separation.

Crows, ever the resourceful scavengers, took up positions so they could snatch leftovers whenever they came into their line of sight.

And the view of the river was worthy of speculations and endless discussions.

Everywhere you turned, the world seemed to be reawakening with colours. Tender blossoms burst forth from branches,

from planters,

and from the earth itself.

Let's hope that the mild and bright days will gain a toehold and remain with us till spring officially starts. We can all use more Pajo days in the park - and the earlier the better - don't you agree?

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