Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Steveston child's Easter

Easter is but a week away and the stores are already flooded with bunnies, eggs,and baby chicks in marshmallow, rice crispies, jello, meringue, and my favourite - chocolate!

Some of my most memorable Easter memories revolved around scavenger hunts for these treats.

I remember painstakingly planning the best places to tuck away these treasures - not too well hidden that my children might overlook them, but not too obvious that I deprived them of the joy of discovery.

On a sheet of paper, I would sketch the floor plan for each room and mark each hiding spot with a big red "X." I didn't want these goodies to languish in some forgotten corner long after the holiday had come and gone.

Once, I had an idea to drive my daughter to three different neighbourhood malls so she could meet their respective Easter Bunnies and collect the token handful of foil wrapped chocolate eggs. We stopped after visiting Shellmont, Blundell, and Broadmoor malls. My husband thought the practice was verging on greed.

In reality though, at least at that point in her life, my daughter had not been properly initiated into the candy world. After the egg hunt, her basket would lay dormant in her room, the eggs losing their shine and the gummy bears gradually hardening with age.

I was ready to sign her up for a chocolate appreciation class had the normal course of childhood development not intervened. She started attending school and getting invitations to birthday parties. Talk about sudden overexposure to lip-smacking and sugar-laden cookies, cakes, ice cream, and whatnots in the goodie bags. Once my child developed a taste for sweets, she never looked back and Easter and Halloween took on a whole new meaning.

Yes, sugar is an acquired taste!

To celebrate this holiday, I thought I would present a picture depicting a child's view of a Steveston Easter - with bunnies, eggs, and a sweet chick - all ready to be coloured.

Just email me and I will send you the image file as an attachment.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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