Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gift from Steveston Village Bikes gives new perspective on cycling

My interest in cycling was at an all time low last summer. Hunching over the low handlebars of my aging bicycle had lost its allure. Trundling down the road, my knees would burn, my back would ache, and my palms would grow tender from supporting my entire upper body weight.

Worst of all, with my eyes focused on the spot just past the front wheel, I took in nothing but strips of asphalt, scraps of rubbish, pebbles, dirt road, brown grass, and what other people’s dogs have left behind.

Well, that all changed on Mother's Day, when my husband presented me with a toodler from Steveston Village Bikes.

This is a toodler!

A toodler is made for the recreational rider. Like me! The handlebars sit higher so that you can remain upright, lift your chin, survey what’s around you, and – bonus – actually have eye contact with others. One leisurely glide around the village and I was hooked!

Given our almost perfect summer days, I often find myself pedaling down the street after dinner to:

Catch the last evening rays in Steveston

Admire wildlife alongside the grinding dyke trail,

Observe local ducks and bobbing boats in the marina,

Capture the quieter corners of the Brittania Shipyards where reeds nod and clouds of insects buzz in the light breeze,

Or just pick up a couple of good reads from the Steveston Library.

If you have ever considered embracing the two-wheeler again, try one out for size from the Village Bikes. One short trip around the block and you’ll catch the toodling bug as well.


  1. What a neat blog. I love it.
    How do you do your artwork? Is it pen & ink, with watercolor paint for color?
    Here is the blog my mom and I keep:

    We are bird artists; we use plain old colored pencils.
    Warm regard, Ally

  2. They will also teach you how to prepare yourself for trips over long distances, over continents and for the truly adventurous even all the way around the bike

  3. Sure, everyone enjoys receiving gifts, both big and small. It is a big ego-booster that makes you think, "Awwww, that's sweet. You're thinking of me." And that's usually the end of it. XXL TeddyBär

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