Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweets Etc. adds homemade flavours to Steveston Farmer's and Artisan Market

I follow the Steveston Farmer’s and Artisan Market schedule religiously. The two weeks between events feels like an eternity to me. I can’t wait to ride my bike down to the village and meet those enterprising vendors who add so much colour and creativity to our community. On August 28th, I had the pleasure of chatting with Daisy and Precilla.

Sweets Etc. broke into the community event scene at the Vancouver Baker's Market earlier this year. Since then, it has been serving up baked goods that delight the eye and palate.

The chiffon collection:

A.Grand Marnier orange chiffon cake
B.Lemon chiffon cake
C.Key lime chiffon cake
D.Dark banana chiffon cake
E.Gateau Chocolat (lovely but not really a chiffon creation)
--Photos courtesy of Sweets Etc.--

The pound cake collection:

B.Mocha pound cake
C.Fig pound cake
D.Prune cake
--Photos courtesy of Sweets Etc.--

On May 23rd, Daisy and Precilla signed up for the Steveston Farmer's and Artisan Market and have been serving cookies, cakes, and bread a few times when I stopped by their tent.

So, what was on the menu that day?

Sweets such as:
· The citrus collection: featuring lemon, orange, and lime cookies
· The decadent collection: consisting of frostbite, mocha mocha, and cream drop dainties
· The heartwarming collection: offering apple cranberry and banana cinnamon buns

And savouries such as cheese knots, veggie curry buns, escargot, and other must-try creations.

According to Daisy and Precilla, their big movers include – not surprisingly – cinnamon buns and Fougasse Provencale, a type of bread that hailed all the way from Provence, France.

The ones being sold that day were baked with roasted garlic and olive but they can also come embedded with caramelized onion. Either version can be eaten by itself, or served with soup or stew as comfort food par excellence.

Such an eclectic menu reflects Daisy and Precilla’s ongoing experimentation to come up with a menu that pleases a wide range of tastes. Instead of focusing on a niche, they are still happily exploring what’s right for their customers. And it all comes down to giving people choices.

At the end of our informal interview, I turned my attention back to the display table and picked up a few treats to be enjoyed later at home, preferably with a cup of coffee. After all, shouldn’t an investigative blogger try out samples of what she is featuring on a post? It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.

You can find out more about Daisy and Priscilla's baking by visiting them at

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