Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bare Basics: silk, lace, and a lot of spirit

Looking into Bare Basics' front windows is like peeking into the pages of the Victoria Secret's catalog.

Only better.

You still get to see some lovey lacy lingerie, but without the gorgeous models that make you feel, well, less than perfect.

There is nothing judgmental about a set of mannequins. And you can actually imagine yourself wearing the same things that they do, well, may be not the more skimpy ones. Not me, anyway.

Those belong on long and lean ladies, like this one...

I find Bare Basics' window displays very pleasing to the eyes.

One in particular, really lit the entire village's imagination. Was it just the 2010 Olympics spirit that had its grip on all of us British Columbians?

I may be biased but, I think that Bare Basics' display trumped all the others. Who else could have expressed our pride and hope with nothing more than feather boas and lace.

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