Monday, November 2, 2020

 Happy Halloween (2020) from the fine folks in Steveston

On October 28, I posted a video showing Steveston's businesses in full Halloween display.

A few days later, on my customary walkabout, I noted that local residents, not to be outdone, had also done a remarkable job in sprucing up their front doors and lawns to reflect the spookiest night of the year, some starting in daylight and lasting late into the night.

Kudos to everyone who made Halloween 2020 so special and putting a smile on everyone's lips - even though you can't really see them behind those masks.

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  1. Hello T. Matthews, my name is Anthony. Hope you're staying safe and staying well. Recently ago, I'm making a Once Upon A Time collection project to donate to the Steveston Museum. I saw under your name that you were the one illustrated the map for OUAT right? Just want to ask you, would you like your map to be included in the OUAT artifact collection to be donated to the museum with your name credited on it too? If you're interested, you can let me know and reach out. Thanks so much...take care