Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Merry Steveston Christmas to you

Call me old-fashioned but nothing beats traditional evergreens for making any building more festive at Christmas.

Chains, wreaths, and garlands made of garden trimmings can perk up even the simplest facades.

In my meanderings through the village, three store fronts impressed me most with their classic lines and rich display of the season's colours - sumptuous greens, regal silver, the muted red of velvet bows, and the highly polished red of bells and berries - interwoven with softly glowing LED lights.

The morning I took these photos was bitter cold. My fingers were numb even before I (reluctantly) pulled them out of my gloves to push the shutter button. I hope they bring you joy and that incomparable Christmas feeling.

Prickly Pear Garden Centre with cascades of leaves

Heringer's clock - wrapped in a cloak of winter greens

Heringer's Fine Meats' windows sporting the traditional Christmas look

Steveston WineMakers looking cozy and inviting

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