Friday, January 1, 2010

Remember January 1, 2009?

Just thought I'd start our new year off with some photos I took exactly a year ago.

Do you remember what was going on at that time?

According to my photo file, it was all about the weather - which was uncharacteristically snowy and cold. I recall my husband dragging the shovel across the sidewalks fronting our and our neighbours' front yards. Over and over again, it seemed.

I also remember our growing concern with the birds' ability to scavenge for food that laid deep under the unforgiving blanket of snow. To lend nature a hand, we drove to a big box store, bought bags of birdseed, and scattered it all over the backyard.

Then ... nothing. Hours elapsed. More time passed.

Just when we felt that our good intention had been for naught, some birds fluttered down from the bare branches and alighted on the snow. A pecking frenzy followed as more and more birds partook of the feast. We kept on replenishing the food supply as quickly as we could and pretty much kept at it until all the snow had melted and the ground emerged once again.

Here are photos of those first few brave feathered critters that weighed the risks against the benefits and decided, wisely in this case, to go for the goodies:

At first the birds remained guarded and aloof, preferring to stay on the fence or tree branches

Once the precedent was set, however, more and more of them decided to set their caution aside

Finally, they grew so bold that they started pecking on our patio and in our flowerbed

Do you remember and perhaps have photos of what you did last year today? Email me at and I will be happy to publish them on this blog.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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