Saturday, May 22, 2010

Steveston's Starbucks sparkles on the Web

Are there Stevestonites out there who haven’t set foot in the Starbucks shop on No.1 Road?

I may be biased but I think it may well be one of the prettiest watering holes in a world awash with this brand of liquid gold.

And I am not alone.

Winter, a young man from Houston, made a personal commitment to visit every Starbucks on our planet just for the sake of doing something that’s never been done before. I suppose that’s as good a motive as any, don’t you?

Since 1997, Winter has travelled the globe, facing difficulties and joys unique to the itinerant life. So far, he has covered 8532 US/Canada stores and 1406 international stores which include UK, Japan, France, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Czech Republic, Portugal, Chile. To view his photos and read his comments, visit him at

If you’re like me, you would immediately navigate to the section devoted to our corner of the world. You'll see that Winter had captured the Steveston Starbucks in a breathtaking early morning shot, just as the seagulls circled overhead and the crows screeched from the treetops, no doubt. He immortalized that moment on November 25, 2006 - just eight months after the store opened its door - and his heartwarming comment framed what he saw though the viewfinder to perfection.

But, instead of tell you, why don't I just show you!

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