Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you, Steveston!

On this blog, I wish to thank strangers that I have not met.

A week before Easter, I had a flash of brilliance - something that occurs less and less frequently these days.

I added bunnies, eggs, a baby chick, spring flowers and greens to my Steveston Museum image and posted a holiday greeting for my fellow villagers on this blog.

To spread even more cheer, I decided to blow the image onto a letter size colouring page and provided free copies for the neighbourhood kids. The good staff at Steveston Community Centre agreed to post them on the community bulletin board but I didn’t really expect many takers - especially since these pages went up just five days before Easter Sunday.

But I was wrong. They were all taken. I was delighted!

Your kind response provided the inspiration for my next project - a Mother's Day special for all Steveston kids - whether they are five or sixty five.

If you drop by the Steveston Community Centre between now and May 9th, you will find the Steveston Mother’s Day postcards hanging from the bulletin board or sitting in a clear plastic box directly across from the gym. These postcards depict a local favourite – the Prickly Pear – complete with Lucy (or is it Ruby?) sitting in the window.

Please feel free to take one, write your own personal message, slap a stamp on the corner, and send it to your mother, grandmother, or any other person who has given you lots of loving care over the years.

If you run out of time for the snail mail, you can always slip it into mom's bouquet of flowers, or her box of chocolates, or the pages of her new best seller. However you wish to use it, I hope it will bring joy to your mom's heart.

Have fun preparing for the celebration ahead and thank you for your support!

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