Monday, December 4, 2017

Merry 2017 Christmas to all

Steveston Museum/Post Office

There is something to be said for shifting one's perspective once in a while - to see something familiar in a different light.

A simple practice of elevating your point of view could change your mood and awaken a new sense of wonder.

Take our familiar landmarks in the heart of Steveston. You must have walked past the post office/museum buildings without so much as a glance - knowing in your mind's eye its exact shade of cheerful yellow. Further down the block, it's easy to circle around the expansive Gulf of Georgia complex without noticing the jolly maritime jingle spilling out of its front doors. And who hasn't walked along Moncton lost in thoughts and blind to the cheerful neighbourhood shops that have added their individual stamps on the Steveston experience.

So this year, I decided to draw these familiar scenes from a whole different perspective - from above. The way Santa and his trusty reindeer would see them this time of year.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Neighbourhood shops

I hope these seasonal illustrations capture the spirit of joy and peace that descend on our village as gently as the first winter snowfall. They are available as art cards at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.

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