Monday, June 24, 2019

Thirsting for refreshment

Locals rejoice!

It's summer and, at the corner of Steveston Hwy and No.1 Road, you have even more choices in hydration stations.

Of course, you are already aware of 7-11's signature Slurpees - multi-colored streams of flavoured ice crystals that kids love to catch in plastic cups, usually to overflowing. And, just across the street, Dairy Queen serves up Blizzards to calm customers' craving for thicker textured treats.

But hold on! A new kid just jumped into the ring. It's Boba Boy! Making a splash with offerings of milk tea, specialty slush and smoothies, fruit tea, and lattes. Since grand opening time in April, the shop has been abuzz with chattering teens and the clickety clacks of laptop keys.

Amidst such plenty, there will not be a single thirsty Stevestonite left behind! And that's a great reason to rejoice!

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