Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Looking down

People always laugh at me when they observe me from afar. "You look so low just staring at the ground." Or, "Hey, it doesn't hurt to look at up now and then." Some even say that my posture suggests a low self esteem. Who knew?

If truth be told, although I don't look down primarily for serendipitous gains, I have come upon mini treasures on my walks. I picked up a beautiful bracelet (with a faulty clasp) right at the entrance to the cruise ship terminal in downtown Vancouver. Then there was the time when I found a sparkling "diamond" studded charm at the door of a Richmond Centre jewelry store. And yes, I even managed to pluck a $20 bill off the frozen ground at the Vancouver Christmas Market. Amazing, right?

But looking down pays off in more ways than the occasional cash and trinkets. It can also delight your eyes, nourish your soul, and feed your community spirit.

Have you noticed the display of landscaping artistry around our neighbourhood? Especially in the spring when mother nature slowly awakens, and in the summer when she lays out her bounty at your feet, you can feast your eyes on strategically placed stonework, ornamental fences, and clusters of budding bushes. Add to these the riotous explosion of seasonal colours and scents and you'll feel swept up in the swirl of life unleashing.

Look at these examples and tell me if you agree:

In the meantime, I will keep on looking down. You should too!

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