Friday, July 5, 2019

Richmond Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store

Here's a building that has reinvented itself many times over.

And yet, despite multiple transformations, it has remained relevant and central to the community it serves.

This heritage structure was, first and foremost, connected to a place of worship. My husband, a native Stevestonite, even recalled spending time there as a preschooler though he was short on details (let us know if you have similar recollections). More recently, it was home to a bicycle store where you could purchase new bicycles or get yours tuned up, fixed, and restored by expert technicians. Since then, it has been re-purposed as a thrift shop offering donated goods to budget-conscious shoppers.

But what pleases me the most about the structure is its down-to-earth welcoming exterior. The front lawn is pleasantly carpeted with green grass with islands of flowering bushes that cuddle and jostle together for space and attention. If their profusion and vibrant colours do not qualify as eye candy, I don't know what is. 

At one time, there were posted signs, in ornate cursive handwriting (remember that?) identifying the plethora of plant life on display and inviting passersby to be extra cautious lest they accidentally trample on the nodding buds and blooms.

Should your footsteps ever lead you to the corner of Chatham Street and Second Avenue, linger awhile and take in the rich history and beauty of this heritage building. Then go in, meet the cadre of red-smocked volunteers, and browse to your heart's content. You might just pick up a piece of history from someone's attic or basement!

OpenClipartVectors from Pixabay

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