Monday, July 22, 2019

Of books and boots

If you ever walk on Moncton Street, between Bare Basics and A Monkey Tree, you will catch a glimpse of a preschool and learning centre with lots of curb appeal.

With an overhead sign stating "With Our Own Two Hands" - and displaying splatters of children's hand prints  - you know there is serious playing and learning going on inside.

Just inside the fence you can sometimes observe youngsters engaged in various activities. It's a rousing scene where sunshine, laughter, shrieks, and sparkling conversations simply explode into the air. Yes, nothing brightens one's mood like the exuberance of children at play. Just looking at them can pep you up, regardless of your age, gender, and general disposition.

A glass covered bookcase sitting outside the fence intrigues me. Are the books tucked inside for sharing with the community at large - on an honour system - or...? 

And the charming boot planters lined up next to the "library" conjure up images of plump young hands digging into dirt and patting seedlings into place.

It harks back to the days when your own ankle biters had enriched your life even as they generated endless work and sleepless nights. Ah the magic of parenthood.

You walk away feeling blessed and thankful for these bright moments. They are like gems strewn in our paths, waiting to be discovered. If only we take the time to look for - and embrace - them.

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