Sunday, August 11, 2019

Merry but a little less bright

Christmas 2018, like other Christmases past, was beautiful in Steveston.

Trees in Steveston Park donned their brilliant robes and shop windows and doors wore garlands of twinkling LED's in seasonal colours. Just walking around the village awakened a sense of anticipation for the upcoming big day and of course, the accompanying urgency and panic to get as much done as possible before its arrival.

But hark, what happened to the banners made of crisscrossing mesh of lights that used to drape over Moncton Street? Why were they so conspicuously absent. I had always loved that sensation of moving through the brilliant tunnel they formed. It raised a local awareness of - and appreciation for - Steveston as a fishing village.

I don't know why they were phased out and hope that the tradition will be rekindled in 2019. After all, you can't get too many Christmas displays and this one was very specific to our village.

Otherwise, Steveston will be just another postcard-pretty place .

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