Monday, September 16, 2019

Coffee corner - Rocanini in Steveston

The name Rocanini always sounds so sophisticated to me. so Italian. So chic.

This elevated impression was confirmed when I spotted their siphon coffee maker behind the counter. One day, I decided that this was one item I needed to add and quickly cross off my bucket list. Just like that.

Yes, the barista took longer but watching the process of getting your coffee made was entertaining. And the taste - made it so worthwhile. So rich. So full body. Without any need for cream or sweetener.

My mistake was drinking my cup of coffee late in the day and that night, I found myself tossing and turning. Since then, I usually schedule my Rocanini treat for no later than eleven o'clock in the morning. 

Of course, others have also been smitten by the pastries on offer, the long community table, the more intimate clusters of table and chairs, and comfy upholstered chairs. You can tell from the crush of humanity on weekends and the number of individuals hunched over their laptops, it's a local favorite.

Although you are facing away from the mighty Fraser, Rocanini patrons get a commanding view of our nautical themed scramble intersection, the Steveston historic tram nestled in its protective structure across the street, and the parade of pedestrians, cars, and cyclists streaming past in their delicate dodge-and-dart dance.

So pick a good spot and let your eyes and mind wonder. Just don't forget to take a sip of your coffee now and then - before it gets cold.

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