Thursday, June 25, 2020

Fishing in the time of Covid19

Like many Stevestonites, exploring the village on foot has become my daily routine since the lock-down was introduced in March 2020.

While exploring the waterfront on April 11, I came upon a group of fishermen on the public pier and was struck by how well distanced apart they stood.

Not being an angler myself, I wasn't sure whether this was normal or a new Covid 19 best practice they had embraced to keep everyone safe and healthy.
How amazing that a disease that emerged from China late last year had reached our shores and upended every aspect of our lives;and even more awesome was our collective effort to contain and defeat it.

Yes, we all celebrate our health care workers for a job well done, but I think our success in BC was also built on the effort and compliance of everyday people like you and me. We all should be recognized for our part in flattening the curve. 

So, to all of you out there - good job!

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