Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Covid19 scream

How are you faring in our lock-down world?

Although institutions, businesses, and services have opened their doors  - albeit a small degree at a time  - and our collective hearts are lifting  bit by bit - there remain limitations  that constantly remind us that life is still not as it should be.

But still, we are grateful for what has been restored.

However, I remember when the lock-down was first introduced, there were so many don'ts that I felt an overwhelming sense of suffocation. Especially in the evening.

It was then that I thought, Okay, one day down and how many more to go? What will tomorrow bring? More of the same? The future stretched out like a desolate road leading to nothingness. Of course, social isolation made the burden even harder to bear.

With the gradual lifting of the Covid19 lock-down, we can all breathe a little easier. One lesson I have learned is how resilient the human spirit is. So kudos to you and me for a job well done.

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