Friday, July 24, 2020

Parking lot rabbits

Image from Pixabay

You'll find feral rabbits just about everywhere in Richmond. Even in the sterile and inhospitable parking lot near the airport.

May be a fast food chain nearby provides the incentive for them to make it their home.

This trio didn't run for cover when we parked. Instead they hovered nearby, perhaps hoping for some goodies to be tossed out the window. Unfortunately, we only had granola bars.

They were adorable of course, especially the baby. What struck me was how much it seemed to want to snuggle up to one of the adult rabbit and how it was repeatedly rejected and abandoned. The baby persisted however, which made me wonder what was really happening. 

Perhaps I just didn't understand the dynamics of rabbit interactions. But as I left the lot, I couldn't help but worry about the baby rabbit's welfare. Let's hope that I had misread the situation and that, in fact, it has many happy days ahead - with or without food being tossed out of parked cars.

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