Thursday, October 15, 2020

 October 2020 fall colours - Vancouver, BC

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Although Steveston is home, you don't really get that fall feeling. Our corner of Lulu Island offers none of the breathtaking seasonal colours. To view and appreciate autumn foliage shifting from green to yellow, to red, then brown, I headed out to Vancouver. Just thirty minutes from home.

To be sure, we are not really into the super spectacular seasonal display yet. But, in a few weeks, nature will shake her cloak of many colours. How precious will these spectacles be, especially when we know that very soon, all those leaves will tremble off the branches, get swept away by cold October breeze. And if we're lucky, we might just get caught in the shower of falling leaves as we walk, drive, or ride our bicycles.

So until the chilly rains arrive and render those glorious leaves soggy and sad at our feet, let's go out and make the most of this brilliant season.

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