Friday, October 16, 2020

 Inviting outdoor patios in Steveston


Covid19 has changed the way we dine out.

To reassure patron's concerns, many restaurants had scrambled to provide outdoor seating. Especially this past summer, when dining alfresco became of prime importance for staying in business.

There were varying degrees of success, of course, depending on real estate availability. Some restaurants hastily dragged out a couple of tables and chairs onto cramped sidewalks; others erected structures designed specifically to comply with the mandated health and safety protocols.

When it comes adding outdoor space that combines practicality and curb appeal, I thought two Japanese restaurants really aced it.

The G-Men at Steveston Ramen Shop decided to set up outdoor high-backed wooden booths facing scenic Bayview Street where guests could enjoy delicious meals with plenty of barriers between them, the servers, and the other patrons. Strings of lights were added to enhance the festive air and blend seamlessly with the mini lanterns dancing next to the main entrance.

Ichiro Japanese Restaurant has always had strong curb appeal with their umbrella, upright lantern, cushioned benches, and green bushes tightly packed in wooden planters along Second Avenue. In addition,  the restaurant opted to set up a lovely patio that faces Chatham Street and stretches almost the entire length of the building. Tables and chairs were placed behind a decorative fence made of bamboo poles, panels, and rectangular planters bursting with flowering plants. The whole atmosphere has real wow factor that really draws you in. 

I hope you had the opportunity to enjoy these neighbourhood patio gardens!


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