Monday, November 30, 2009

Steveston Christmas Craft Fair

It was Saturday, November 28th. I entered Steveston Community Centre's parking lot with great trepidation. The annual Christmas craft fair was in progress. And, as always, a great number of eager shoppers had beat me to it.

Why would browsing through a room full of lovingly crafted creations inspire fear in me, you say?

Probably because I was entering the Net Shed not as a shopper, but as a blogger. Instead of a bag, I had a camera slung over my shoulder. Plus a few hastily printed business cards. My plan was to take photos of some of the crafters and their products for my Steveston blog, which features events and people around the village.

Alas, I was beset by doubts. What if the crafters said "no"? What if they grew hostile and kicked me out the door? What if they worried about having their ideas stolen? What if ...

To make matters worse, it was strictly wall-to-wall people in the cavernous building. How could I get close enough to the persons sitting behind those tables laden with rows upon rows of treasures? I spent at least half an hour meandering up and down the aisles before summoning up enough courage to identify myself to a slim blonde. She graciously agreed to have her photo taken and helpfully pointed out a nearby table where I would most likely be just as lucky. From then on, it was like pushing a set of dominos down as one vendor after another gave me the nod. I grew bolder and began to really enjoy chatting them up.

As I walked away from the fair, I was struck by the talent of the Christmas craft fair participants. But, more importantly, I was impressed with their friendliness, courteousness, contagious enthusiasm, and generosity - with their time and creative ideas.

This blog entry is dedicated to all of you who took the time to pose and smile for me!

Sandy Bahrich - Firefly Notes
Sandy’s nostalgic magnets drew me to her table. Of course, anything with the Eiffel Tower stamped on it would, because I absolutely worship the City of Light. Sandy does more than magnets, however. Check out her site and be amazed.

Andie Froese - Andie's Artefacts
The first thing I noticed about Andie was her friendliness. The second was her obsession with hieroglyphics. The third thing was that she made great jewelry. Hm, a winning combination, don't you think?

Dixie and Tracy - Lil' Bling
The array of hair clips for little princesses on Dixie and Tracy’s table made me wish I still had a baby in my arms. But only for a split second! I couldn't help but admire the patience, care, not to mention eye-crossing concentration that must have gone into every single item in their collection. If that’s not a labour of love, I don’t know what is!

Shannon Stewart - Plain Jane
If I have to think of a quality that characterizes Shannon’s Swarovski crystal jewelry, it would have to be understated elegance. Less is always more!

Angie Kehler - Crafts & Greeting Cards
Want to make your Christmas more festive? Angie’s cards and bags are just the thing to make your holiday glitter and sparkle.

Melanie Kalley - Kalley Kandy
I am not a candy type person but Melanie insisted I try a piece of her honey almond nougat. And boy, was I glad she did. How do you describe an airy lightness with just a whisper of sweetness melting on your tongue? Oh, I guess I just did!

D.S.Mercer - The Pen Guy!
If fine handwriting ever returned as a art form, Duglus would be well ahead of the pack. His pens felt so solid and wonderfully heavy in my hand and glided over a paper like a dream.

Elizabeth Holloway - Stampers Plus
Elizabeth gives stamping classes and participates in craft fairs. I admire her industriousness and high energy level.

Marlene Martelli - Kooky Mom Creations
Who knew that insulated bags could look ultra chic? I wonder if an iced coffee would stay cold in one of those adorable bags.

Table of Diane Ison - Stampin' Up!
Although I didn’t get to shake hands with Diane, I met her rep sitting behind rows of lovingly crafted cards. Keeping track of them all must be mind boggling.

Mika and Andrew - The Steveston Cookie Company
Their custom designed cookies depict seagulls, boats, and other things that spell pure Steveston.

Mandy Wong -
Mandy designs objects with felt. Don’t those cupcakes look good enough to eat? Pure eye candy with zero calories.

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  1. Thanks for including me in your blog feature! You are kind! I will stay tuned for more of your reports of Steveston!
    -Sandy (firefly notes)