Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet offerings

Has it been a week already?

Just last Saturday, I saw this scarecrow poised to welcome young visitors at somebody’s front door:

As I continued on my Saturday walk, I was struck by the strength of the local merchants’ Halloween community spirit.

One store's facade was dressed up with great exuberance:

A sweetshop owner popped a friendly witch in the window:

A Japanese restaurant posted a welcoming committee at the door:

While a Greek counterpart graced its exterior bench with an expertly carved honest-to-goodness pumpkin:

Another merchant stuffed three orange plastic bags and painted happy faces on them, but the result was no less striking, don’t you agree?

And last but not least, a craft store sported a giant spider on its front wall to suggest the darker, more sinister side of this celebration:

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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